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    We can help you to increase your profitability by providing various types of accounting services. We perform audits, compilations and reviews of your financial statements, as well as a full service of monthly accounting and bookkeeping. We also provide payroll check writing and payroll report filing services for clients.

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    Tax Preparation

    We are professionals in tax preparation and tax planning. We work with individuals, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies to help them to reduce their tax liabilities. We can give you solid advice on how to stay on top of your situation to reduce your tax liability. As a CPA and an enrolled agent, we are authorized to represent you before any taxing authorities.

    For individuals we provide federal and state income tax returns. In addition to this, if we prepare your return, we will also electronically file your federal and Illinois returns for no additional charge.

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    Electronic Filing

    We are authorized electronic filing providers with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of revenue. Let us prepare your tax return and electronically file it for you.

    Electronic filing benefits you in a number of ways. First, it will give you a faster refund. You can have your refund back in as little as two weeks, if you have your refund directly deposited into a checking or savings account. Normally this takes from six to eight weeks. Electronic filing also reduces your chance of errors in processing your tax return, as the amounts are not required to be re-entered by another person at the IRS service center. Another big advantage of electronic filing is the IRS sends proof back to your preparer that your return has been filed. Unlike using the U. S. Postal Service, this is received at no additional charge. It doesn't matter if you are expecting a refund or have a balance due, there are great advantages to using electronic income tax filing.

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    For businesses, we provide income tax return preparation for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, fiduciaries, and estates.